Welcome to my links page. Here are some of my favorite links:


Hog Advertising LLC - My online advertising agency, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


CIR - The Center For Individual Rights. This is my favorite charity in the world. It is a small public interest law firm that has achieved many important legal victories for individual freedom.


Red Cross - The only disaster relief organization that I trust completely.

Lions Clubs - The largest service organization in the world is focused on helping people worldwide. Their signature initiative is eyesight health and aid. They also help feed people and build schools.


Drudge Report - Support Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report, a great independent news source.


Glenn Beck - Glenn Beck, the best political commentator of all time. It often feels as if Glenn is single-handedly trying to save American Civilization. His show is a "must watch" resource.


Fox News - Are you ready for the other half of the story? Watch Fox News, which informs you about what is *really* happening in the government.


New Zeal - "Promoting liberty in New Zealand and beyond."

Ron Paul - Libertarian Ron Paul is one of my favorite Presidential candidates. He is a strong fiscal conservative and a strong supporter of the US Constitution. As a member of Congress, he has one of the most conservative voting records in that body.

Americans For Prosperity - Their main position is "Cutting taxes and government spending in order to halt the encroachment of government in the economic lives of citizens by fighting proposed tax increases and pointing out evidence of waste, fraud, and abuse."

The Cato Institute - "The Cato Institute is a public policy research organization a think tank dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace. "