About me

Writing about yourself has got to be one of the hardest tasks. How do you describe yourself objectively? You can't.

That said, I'd like to say that one of my interests is politics. I identify myself as Republican, although I believe that the Republicans have recently strayed from their core beliefs of small government and fiscal responsibility.

Let's get the bad news out of the way quickly. I am pro-choice and pro-gay marriage, although those are lesser issues to me. According to the best selling book Freakonomics, legalized abortion in the 1970s may have resulted in less crime a generation later. Conservatives oppose the welfare state, and it is my conjecture, along these same lines, that abortion may actually reduce government dependency. The cost of an abortion is perhaps $2,000. That may be a bargain to the taxpayers if the cost to raise a child is over $100,000 and the cost of incarceration is perhaps $30,000 PER YEAR. Further, aren't conservatives supposed to be champions of individual freedom? Who is the government to stick its nose into a woman's reproductive choice? In regards to gay marriage, some information suggests that the average gay AIDS patient has had 1,100 lifetime sexual partners. With statistics like this, you'd think conservatives would be the first people to encourage gay marriage for the stability it might bring. There are also compelling civil rights reasons for gay marriage.

Those anomalies aside, I tend to agree with the conservative platform. The over-arching issue is freedom. Big government and virtually all liberal programs reduce individual freedom. Freedom is the solution to most of our problems. Freedom is the litmus test for most laws and government actions. Just put it to this following test: does [WHATEVER PROPOSAL] make us more or less free?

When you see the world through the lens of freedom, it helps to clarify. In general, I am a huge supporter of individual rights, the free market, government accountability, fiscal responsibility, government transparency, small government, etc.. Some might call me a Libertarian, but I have never seen the Libertarians as a viable political party. My main political cause is to promote freedom, capitalism, and the US Constitution. The deviation from basic constitutional principles --such as limited government --is the main reason for the Obama Depression.

My business is entrepreneurship, which means that I seek out new and interesting business opportunities in various fields. I am also a writer and an investor.

I feel fortunate in having attended a great college. In 1986 I graduated from Brown University with a bachelors degree in American Civilization (honors). For many years I enjoyed living near Brown and mentoring students in the Brown Entrepreneurship Program.

I am in my 40s, and I consider myself to be in my prime in many ways. I am married to my best friend, Linda, and I have too many personal blessings to list. Linda and I have been together for over 10 years. I try to be a good friend to my friends, and I hope my adversaries at least respect me.

A good deal of my pro bono work has been as a volunteer and strategist for the good government movement in the state of Rhode Island. Now that I have moved to Idaho, I am thinking about larger baileywicks.

What are your values? Ultimately, your values are how you live your life, and I try to keep improving myself in that spirit. My motto is "Be a better person" because that suggests that we all should try to keep improving ourselves as a way to live our lives to the fullest.

Over 245 years ago, the charter of Brown University set expectations for its graduates:

"Whereas institutions for liberal education are highly beneficial to society by forming the rising generation to virtue, knowledge, and useful literature, and thus preserving in the community a succession of men duly qualified for discharging the offices of life with usefulness and reputation.."

"Usefulness and reputation" are the key words for me, and they frame the important issue. Decades after graduation, I often think about this obscure document, and I try to judge my own achievements by these standards.