Live Your Dreams!

Welcome to, my online home page. I am glad you could come. Whether you are an old friend or a prospective friend, it is very gratifying to have these relationships, which I value more and more. This website has some information about me and my activities. I hope you will find it interesting, useful, and perhaps even insightful. I put up this page to first inspire myself, but I hope it also benefits others.


Business Interests

I own Hog Advertising LLC, an online advertising agency based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We provide creative solutions to companies worldwide.

I am a budding author. I'm working on a book about socialism -- how socialism destroys vibrant economies and drives away talent, business, and capital. I am also very interested in investing in equities (stocks).

Public Service

One of the most gratifying things I have ever done is public service. It is a cliche that you must give to get, but it is very true.

When I lived in the State of Rhode Island, I got interested in local politics. Like many folks, I had been apathetic about voting and citizen involvement. However, when our state suffered under a megalomaniacal Providence mayor and a corrupt General Assembly, I got involved. The RI Democrats and Progressives, who wield iron fisted control as a virtual one party system, have turned the state into an economic basket case. In this horrible political landscape, I tried to make a difference.

From 2002-2007, I worked as a good government advocate and volunteer. Some of the programs and issues I worked on included: separation of
powers, the Candidates School, and voter initiative. I also directly criticized corrupt public officials on my own. We had some successes, but also some failures. Voter Initiative had the greatest potential to change the downward spiral of the state, but it was resisted by an evil axis of the RI Democrats, the public sector unions, and other special interests. Over the objection of 20,000 voter petition signatories, the State House bosses made it clear that VI wouldn't even be considered. The bottom line is that VI threatened the club house system of politics that made Rhode Island infamous.

After years of hard work to improve the place we loved and called home, we realized that the battle was near hopeless. It was very frustrating to watch the state slip further into economic decline, but there was only so much we could do to stem the tide. So, in 2007, after 5 years of fighting an uphill battle, my wife and I decided to move to Idaho.

We are very happy in Idaho, which, in stark contrast to Rhode Island, has a well managed government. In Idaho, my wife and I have done some volunteer work, including for the Lions Club, and serving Thanksgiving dinners to the less fortunate. As a former Eagle Scout myself, I have mentored Coeur D'Alene area Boy Scouts for their merit badges.